Emerging through WordPress

Hey guys I want to welcome you to my WordPress blog with my first post ever! I hope you will take some time and look through my blog to see what I have to offer! I learned a lot through making my very own WordPress blog. I learned the best ways to truly make my blog attractive to the eye. I also learned how to make it’s navigation fairly easy for my viewers! At first when I thought about making my own blog, I thought it was going to be boring and dumb. Boy did I change my mind after being able to customize every aspect of my page.  I was able to make the page unique to my own personality. As if I was actually a web page. When I was going through each step of Dunn’s 5 step interior design article I was thinking that he makes some really valid points. His comparison to what someone would be looking at as if you were buying a new home is perfect. It was an easy idea for me to wrap my head around and understand. He makes good points such as “Ever visited a house in your home buying days and the front door was all chipped with paint peeling off and the weatherstripping coming loose? It didn’t matter what was inside because your experience had already been ruined.” (Dunn, 2011)If the gate to your blog is boring or looks unorganized, what makes your viewers want to stay? If your website looks unorganized and faulty, it makes you look less credible to your viewers. Your viewers see that as being lazy, especially since with WordPress, it makes it super easy! When it came to setting up the garage, and other aspects of my “house” I took my time and wanted to make sure everything looked professional. However, I wanted it to have flare which is why I went with the colors and layout I did. The sidebar and widgets we are required to use are pretty basic. I wanted to add a few others but I was not sure if I would get points off so I left them off. As far as widgets go I feel like a lot of the time they are barely looked at or used. I mean when I visit peoples pages I am more focused on the content of the page, rather than what widgets they have. Widgets in my mind are kind of like sprinkles on ice cream. Ice cream is good just by itself, but when you add sprinkles it adds more flavor and pzazz. Even though they are not really needed,Although, I feel blogging is kind of a boring thing to do I feel like this should be a fun project and am eager to see where WordPress brings me! Overall the creation process for my blog was relatively easy since I am used to using social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, and Insta-gram. It was fun and I look forward to only improving and adding to it!


Dunn, B. (2011, 06 29). 5 interior design tips to make your wordpress blog user-friendly. Retrieved from http://bestbloggingtipsonline.com/5-interior-design-tips-to-make-your-wordpress-blog-user-friendly/


4 responses to “Emerging through WordPress

  1. Hey Harrison,
    Sounds like you breezed through setting up your blog. I definitely struggled so much with mine so kudos to you.
    One thing I really like about your blog is that it’s very personalized. I can tell a lot about your character just by the theme and your header.
    One thing that could be made better is the font color. It’s a bit too dark so maybe try making it a bit lighter so there’s a bigger contrast with the black background. I almost wasn’t able to see your post’s title because it blended in so well with the back.
    Other than that, great job!


  2. I like your “front door” of your blog a lot. It gives people entering an idea of what you are into, and that is a cool feature to have. The part that could be better is your “garage” could have a few more features to give people the feel you are more into it.

  3. Glad that you’re in for the ride. Yeah, I agree, blogging isn’t for everyone. But, WP is an intuitive and easy to use web design platform that your clients may appreciate if they are ever going to self-moderate a page in the future. Nice post.

  4. The banner is very simple and nicely done. It reminds me of the professional design trends that Rutgers itself uses. I was interested in your incorportion of Dunn’s 5 step interior models. Tackling the project like it was a web site is a very smart and effeiecnt manner to hadnle the project. You can break it down in to seperate rooms like Dunn claims and build an organized proejct from the ground up. And your idea of widgets couldn’t be more spot on – more focus on content less on the widgets.

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